Modular Earth Submodel System (MESSy)

The traffic lights

The submodel is heavily under construction. In its current state, it is not suitable for model USERS. Model DEVELOPERS, however, are welcome to contact the submodel maintainer if they want to contribute to the development.

Development of the submodel is almost completed. Currently, the code is being validated and has not yet been published. Minor changes in the near future are possible. Please contact the submodel maintainer, if you are interested in using the submodel.

The submodel is operational. You are welcome to use it. Depending on the information right beside the traffic lights, please:
  • contact the submodel maintainer in any case
  • acknowledge the submodel maintainer(s) and contributor(s) in your publication
  • follow the -- license -- link in order to
    • find the references for citation in your publications or
    • find the maintainer contact information for offering co-authorship(s)

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