Modular Earth Submodel System (MESSy)

Licence Conditions

The usage of MESSy can be licenced to all affiliates of institutions, which are member of the MESSy Consortium, i.e., which signed the MESSy Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) (download here).

End-users have in addition to

Before an end-user can become licensee, she/he has to

Members of the CLM-community, who want to use MESSy (infrastructure and diagnostic submodels only) with COSMO-CLM can print, fill in, sign, and scan this

At any time the licensee has to

MESSy Citation Rules

For publication of results based on MESSy in a scientific journal, the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical-ShareAlike Licence also applies. In particular,

Special Section for GMD(D)

The EGU Journal Geoscientific Model Development has special rules regarding the accessibility of the code used and described in a publication, in particular:
" All papers must include a section, at the end of the paper, entitled 'Code availability'. Here, either instructions for obtaining the code, or the reasons why the code is not available should be clearly stated. It is preferred for the code to be uploaded as a supplement or to be made available at a data repository with an associated DOI (digital object identifier) for the exact model version described in the paper. Alternatively, for established models, there may be an existing means of accessing the code through a particular system. In this case, there must exist a means of permanently accessing the precise model version described in the paper. In some cases, authors may prefer to put models on their own website, or to act as a point of contact for obtaining the code. Given the impermanence of websites and email addresses, this is not encouraged, and authors should consider improving the availability with a more permanent arrangement. After the paper is accepted the model archive should be updated to include a link to the GMD paper." (see This also applies to publication of MESSy submodels. As consortium we agreed on NOT providing individual submodels as part of the electronic supplement, unless they are embedded in a stand-alone program. Furthermore, licence conditions of our legacy codes prohibit the provision of the entire source code as publicly available electronic supplement. We therefore recommend to use the following text for the "Code availability" section:
"The Modular Earth Submodel System (MESSy) is continuously further developed and applied by a consortium of institutions. The usage of MESSy and access to the source code is licenced to all affiliates of institutions which are members of the MESSy Consortium. Institutions can become a member of the MESSy Consortium by signing the MESSy Memorandum of Understanding. More information can be found on the MESSy Consortium Website ( The code presented here has been based on MESSy version X and will be available in the next official release (version Y)." As the exact code described and used in the paper needs to published, it needs to be ensured, that exactly the code published is part of the next official relase (version Y). This requires, that the code is checked in by the developer and approved by the source code administrators before publication, or, to be more precise, before starting the simulations analysed in the publication. In case of doubt, please contact the Consortium Steering Group for advice.

Third-party software

This software is currently part of the MESSy distribution, but the MESSy consortim is not Copyright Holder:

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