MADE3  3.0
Modal Aerosol Dynamics for Europe, adapted for global applications, 3rd generation
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Namelist file

made3.nml contains three Fortran namelists. 'CTRL' and 'CPL' contain user-set parameters for the submodel core layer (SMCL) and submodel interface layer (SMIL), respectively, as required by the MESSy standard. The third namelist, 'BOXINIT', is used to initialize box model runs; most users will not have to enter anything here. If parameters are not set explicitly in the CTRL and CPL namelists, default values as defined in the code will be used.

An example namelist is provided in messy/nml/EXAMPLES/.

The CTRL namelist

The CTRL namelist includes the following parameters:

  • sigma
    geometric mean standard deviations (widths) of the nine lognormal modes (ks, km, ki, as, am, ai, cs, cm, ci), used to convert between aerosol masses, numbers, and diameters; default values are:
    • 1.7 for Aitken modes,
    • 2.0 for accumulation modes, and
    • 2.2 for coarse modes
    If you change these values, you will also need new lookup tables for AEROPT if you want it to calculate aerosol optical properties accurately!
  • alpha
    accommodation coefficients (sticking probabilities) for gas molecules upon collision with aerosol particles from the individual modes, used in calculation of condensation rates; default values are
    • 1.0 for H2SO4 and SOA precursor,
    • 0.1 for NH3, HNO3, and HCl;
    all modes are treated in the same way by default
  • diff
    gas diffusivities in air, used in calculation of condensation rates; default values are:
    • 9.4 x 10-6 for H2SO4,
    • 5.2 x 10-6 for SOA precursor, and
    • 1.0 x 10-5 for the other condensable gases
  • rset_nucsize
    set an assumed "dry" diameter for newly nucleated particles (to account for unresolved time and spatial scales of new particle formation events); default is ("True", 10.0 nm); former behavior can be restored by setting the first entry to "False"
  • l_eqsam
    switch for gas-particle partitioning of semivolatile gases; default is "True"
  • l_coag
    switch for coagulation; default is "True"
  • l_cond
    switch for H2SO4 condensation; default is "True"
  • l_nuc
    switch for (binary homogeneous H2SO4-H2O) nucleation; default is "True"
  • l_rename
    switch for renaming, i.e., assignment of large particles in the Aitken modes to the accumulation modes (for details see [5]); default is "True"

The CPL namelist

The CPL namelist contains the following parameters:

  • gas_cpl
    list of five tuples of the the form <tracer basename>,<tracer subname>,<submodel> for H2SO4, NH3, HNO3, HCl, and an optional H2SO4 production "tracer", where <submodel> will usually be either empty (= no coupling to the gas phase chemistry), or "mecca" (if submodel MECCA is used for gas phase chemistry); default: no coupling to gas phase chemistry
    The coupling to a chemistry submodel-supplied H2SO4 production "tracer" has not been tested so far and may therefore not work properly!
  • emis_cpl
    array for specification of online emissions, whose elements of the form <type>,<channel>,<object>,<tracername>,<scale> are set individually; default: no online emissions
    • <type>: one of "SS" (sea spray), "DU" (mineral dust), "OPOM" (oceanic organic aerosol), or "SOA" (secondary organic aerosol precursor emissions to condense)
      The "DU" and "OPOM" couplings have not been tested so far and may therefore not work properly!
    • <channel>, <object>: channel object that contains the corresponding emissions
      The units check in the code is disabled for "DU" from channel onemis, as some schemes provide only mass and the conversion to number is done via this namelist, so make sure that the units supplied are [kg m-2 s-1] for mass emissions and [m-2 s-1] for number emissions!
    • <tracername>: full name, i.e., <basename>_<subname> if applicable, of the tracer to which the emission shall be assigned; set to empty string for "SOA"
    • <scale>: scaling factor that shall be applied to the emission before actually adding it to the specified tracer; can, e.g., be used to split emissions among different tracers; default: 0
  • l_bctime
    switch to enable diagnostic output of burden and loss of externally mixed BC and DU to the made3_gp channel in order to enable (offline) calculation of BC and DU half-life against transformation from a hydrophobic to a hydrophilic state; default is "False"; if you enable it, do not forget to also enable output of burden_BCext, sink_BCext, burden_DUext, and sink_DUext to the made3_gp channel in your channel.nml.
    The BC half-life calculation has not been tested so far. It is therefore likely that it will not work properly!
  • notrac
    list of full names of tracers, i.e., <basename>_<subname> if applicable, that do not have to be created because the compound that they represent does not have to be considered (e.g. DU_ks, because DU particles are usually larger than typical Aitken mode sizes, and insoluble anyway); this is used to save memory; default: empty

The BOXINIT namelist

... has not been documented yet.