Modular Earth Submodel System (MESSy)

The MESSy People

Invention & Design (2001-2005)*:

Dr. Patrick Jöckel, Dr. Rolf Sander

Project Coordination:

Prof. Dr. Jos Lelieveld, Dr. Patrick Jöckel, Dr. Rolf Sander, Dr. Mark Lawrence (since 2005)

* Heinz Billing Award for the Advancement of Scientific Computation (2005)


Sabine Brinkop Uni-M brinkop@ since 2003
Christoph Brühl MPI-C chb@ since 2001
Joachim Buchholz MPI-C buchholz@ 2003-2005
Gabriele Erhardt DLR Gabriele.Erhardt@ since 2003
Laurens Ganzeveld MPI-C ganzevl@ since 2001
Marco Giorgetta MPI-M giorgetta@ since 2004
Volker Grewe DLR Volker.Grewe@ since 2001
Patrick Jöckel MPI-C joeckel@ since 2001
Astrid Kerkweg MPI-C akerkweg@ since 2002
Ole Kirner FZK ole.kirner@ since 2004
Christian Kurz DLR Christian.Kurz@ since 2002
Mark Lawrence MPI-C lawrence@ since 2005
Jos Lelieveld MPI-C lelievld@ since 2001
Swen Metzger MPI-C metzger@ since 2001
Michael Ponater DLR Michael.Ponater@ since 2005
Andrea Pozzer MPI-C pozzer@ since 2004
Andreas Rhodin DWD Andreas.Rhodin@ 2001-2002
Roland Ruhnke FZK roland.ruhnke@ since 2004
Rolf Sander MPI-C sander@ since 2001
Robert Sausen DLR Robert.Sausen@ since 2003
Benedikt Steil MPI-C steil@ since 2001
Philip Stier MPI-M stier@ 2003-2004
Meryem Tanarhte MPI-C meryemta@ since 2005
Domenico Taraborrelli MPI-C tara@ since 2005
Holger Tost MPI-C tost@ since 2003
Kleareti Tourpali AUTH tourpali@ since 2004
Michael Traub MPI-C mtraub@ 2003-2005
Maarten van Aalst MPI-C aalst@ 2003-2005
John van Aardenne MPI-C aardenne@ 2001-2005

DWDGerman Weather Service, Offenbach, Germany
DLRGerman Aerospace Center, Institute for Physics of the Atmosphere, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany
MPI-CMax Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, Germany
MPI-MMax Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, Germany
Uni-MInstitute for Meteorology, University of Munich, Germany @meteo.physik.uni-muenchen
FZKForschungszentrum Karlsruhe
AUTHAristotle University of Thessaloniki

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