Checking the Fortran-90 code of ECHAM5/MESSy

Patrick Jöckel
Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz

The complete Fortran-90/95 code of the ECHAM5/MESSy distribution can be checked with forcheck. Forcheck is a commercial fortran code analyzer ( Users at the MPI for Chemistry in Mainz can use forcheck on the Compaq-Alpha/OSF1 Workstations, the Linux-Clusters, and the Linux-PCs which have /soft mounted. The check of ECHAM5/MESSy can easily be performed with

gmake check after configuration (configure.html) of the distribution.
This runs the tcsh-script ./messy/util/efchk which uses internally ./messy/util/lst2log.gawk and ./messy/util/efchk-sum. The output is:
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