Modular Earth Submodel System (MESSy)

The MESSy People

Invention & Design (2001-2005)*:

Dr. Patrick Jöckel, Dr. Rolf Sander

Project Coordination:

Dr. Patrick Jöckel

* Heinz Billing Award for the Advancement of Scientific Computation (2005)


Valentina Aquila DLR Valentina.Aquila@ since 2007
Marina Astitha EEWRC m.astitha@ since 2008
Andreas Baumgärtner MPI-C abaumg@ since 2007
Sabine Brinkop Uni-M brinkop@ since 2003
Christoph Brühl MPI-C chb@ since 2001
Joachim Buchholz MPI-C buchholz@ 2003-2005
Ulrike Burkhardt DLR Ulrike.Burkhardt@ since 2007
Susannah Burrows MPI-C sburrows@ since 2006
Tim Butler MPI-C tmb@ since 2006
Mauro Dall'Amico DLR Mauro.DallAmico@ since 2007
Martin Dameris DLR Martin.Dameris@ since 2003
Rudolf Deckert DLR Rudolf.Deckert@ since 2007
Simone Dietmüller DLR Simone.Dietmueller@ since 2007
Gabriele Erhardt DLR Gabriele.Erhardt@ since 2003
Laurens Ganzeveld MPI-C ganzevl@ 2001-2006
WUR laurens.ganzeveld@ since 2007
Hella Garny DLR Hella.Garny@ since 2007
Bernhard Giner MPI-C giner@ since 2006
Marco Giorgetta MPI-M marco.giorgetta@ since 2004
Volker Grewe DLR Volker.Grewe@ since 2001
Klaus Gottschaldt DLR Klaus-Dirk.Gottschaldt@ since 2007
Sergey Gromov MPI-C gromov@ since 2006
Johannes Hendricks DLR Johannes.Hendricks@ since 2007
Patrick Jöckel MPI-C joeckel@ since 2001
Astrid Kerkweg MPI-C akerkweg@ since 2002
Bastian Kern MPI-C bkern@ since 2008
Ole Kirner FZK ole.kirner@ since 2004
Anne Kubin FUB anne.kubin@ since 2006
Markus Kunze FUB markus.kunze@ since 2006
Christian Kurz DLR Christian.Kurz@ 2002-2007
Mark Lawrence MPI-C lawrence@ since 2005
Ulrike Langematz FUB ulrike.langematz@ since 2006
Axel Lauer DLR axel.lauer@ 2005-2007
IPRC lauera@ since 2007
Jos Lelieveld MPI-C lelievld@ since 2001
Sigrun Matthes DLR Sigrun.Matthes@ since 2007
Swen Metzger MPI-C metzger@ since 2001
Katrin Nissen FUB katrin.nissen@ since 2006
Andreas Paxian DLR Andreas.Paxian@ since 2007
Michael Ponater DLR Michael.Ponater@ since 2005
Kirsty Pringle MPI-C pringle@ since 2007
Andrea Pozzer MPI-C pozzer@ 2004-2007
EEWRC pozzer@ since 2007
Andreas Rhodin DWD Andreas.Rhodin@ 2001-2002
Hella Riede MPI-C riede@ since 2006
Roland Ruhnke FZK roland.ruhnke@ since 2004
Rolf Sander MPI-C sander@ since 2001
Robert Sausen DLR Robert.Sausen@ since 2003
Dominik Schäuble DLR Dominik.Schaeuble@ since 2007
Ulrich Schumann DLR Ulrich.Schumann@ since 2007
Benedikt Steil MPI-C steil@ since 2001
Jörg Steinkamp MPI-C steinkam@ since 2006
Andrea Stenke DLR Andrea.Stenke@ since 2007
Philip Stier MPI-M 2003-2004
Meryem Tanarhte MPI-C meryemta@ since 2005
Domenico Taraborrelli MPI-C tara@ since 2005
Holger Tost MPI-C tost@ since 2003
Kleareti Tourpali AUTH tourpali@ since 2004
Michael Traub MPI-C mtraub@ 2003-2005
Maarten van Aalst MPI-C aalst@ 2003-2005
John van Aardenne MPI-C aardenne@ 2001-2005
Christiane Voigt DLR Christiane.Voigt@ since 2007

DWDGerman Weather Service, Offenbach, Germany
DLRGerman Aerospace Center, Institute for Physics of the Atmosphere, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany
MPI-CMax Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, Germany
MPI-MMax Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, Germany
Uni-MInstitute for Meteorology, University of Munich, Germany @meteo.physik.uni-muenchen
FUBInstitute for Meteorology, Free University of Berlin, Germany
FZKForschungszentrum Karlsruhe
AUTHAristotle University of Thessaloniki
WURWageningen University and Research Centre
IPRCInternational Pacific Research Center
EEWRCEnergy, Environment and Water Research Center, The Cyprus Institute

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