The History of MESSy

30-31.03.2010 introductory workshop at DLR Oberpfaffenhofen with 11 participants from 6 institutions
02.02.2010 release of MESSy 1.9
29-30.10.2009 introductory workshop at DLR Oberpfaffenhofen with 20 participants from 7 institutions
27.05.2009 release of MESSy 1.8
01.12.2008 release of MESSy 1.7
26.05.2008 release of MESSy 1.6
18.12.2007 release of MESSy 1.5
15.05.2007 release of MESSy 1.4
01.02.2007 The members of the Scientific Steering Board of the M&D group and the DKRZ ( discussed on their 14. meeting, following Prof. Schumann's (DLR) suggestion, to support MESSy as 'community model' by M&D.
01.12.2006 release of MESSy 1.3
07.11.2006 1st ECHAM5/MESSy1 evaluation published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics:
P. Jöckel, H. Tost, A. Pozzer, C. Brühl, J. Buchholz, L. Ganzeveld, P. Hoor, A. Kerkweg, M. G. Lawrence, R. Sander, B. Steil, G. Stiller, M. Tanarhte, D. Taraborrelli, J. van Aardenne, J. Lelieveld, The atmospheric chemistry general circulation model ECHAM5/MESSy1: consistent simulation of ozone from the surface to the mesosphere, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 6, 5067-5104, 2006.
(-abstract-) (-full text online (pdf)-) (-supplement-)
12.06.2006 release of MESSy 1.2
18.01.2006 release of MESSy 1.1
17.11.2005 Patrick Jöckel & Rolf Sander receive the Heinz Billing Award for the Advancement of Scientific Computation for the invention and design of MESSy
03/2005 - 12/2005 intensive debugging and evaluation simulations
11.03.2005 feature freeze and internal version MESSy 1.0
10.02.2005 MESSy Technical Note published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics:
Patrick Jöckel, Rolf Sander, Astrid Kerkweg, Holger Tost, and Jos Lelieveld, Technical Note: The Modular Earth Submodel System (MESSy) - a new approach towards Earth System Modeling, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 5, 433-444, 2005. (-abstract-) (-full text online (pdf)-) (-supplement-)
1stMESSy Workshop with 26 participants from 11 institutions; release of the preliminary test version MESSy 0.9
04-09.09.2004 presentation of MESSy on the 8th International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) Conference in Christchurch, New Zealand (1 oral presentation and 11 posters)
06/2004 interface design definition finished
2001-2004 main development phase; design of basic interface structure with several revisions; programming of several MESSy submodels
06/2001 start of the project; formulation of the overall aims:
  • one model code for all projects covering all contributions
  • easily expandable and portable model code
  • code development independent of base model
  • efficient development of several contributions in parallel
  • comprehensive model easily applicable and expandable for beginners (user friendly)

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